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Detach All Unused Devices in ESXi Cluster

Removing storage devices (Datastores + RDMs) can be tricky task for the VI admin. He will have to: Map the datastores / RDMs in use (maybe with PowerCLI scripts, EMC VSI, or other storage plugins) Delete / Remove the specific devices from virtual environment side (Delete datastore, Remove RDM from VM) Detach the devices from […]

Configure TL-WR703N with OpenWRT for Wireless printing

Recently I wanted to configure a wireless printer in a university’s dorms room, which only have wired network. In order to do this change “stealthy”, I needed to use the smallest possible router with USB connection. TP-Link WR703N is a small router being sold in China, and is capable of OpenWRT firmware. Beware: TL-WR702N is […]

ESXi 5.x – VM reset stuck at 95%

Few weeks ago we had an issue with freezing VM, and the only way of getting out of it was to perform hard reset to the VM. The procedure is well known – right click on the VM > Power > Reset. The command took quite a while to actually initiate the reset. I really […]

iLO inventory in Multi-Domain ESXi environment

On enterprise companies, you might find a vCenter managing few DNS zones (a.serv.corp, b.serv.corp etc.). There might be a situation where there are few vCenters, each manages a different domain. Keeping track on HP iLO* IPs is easier when you register the iLO IP in the DNS, and use “ilo” as a prefix to each server […]